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+ Pride and Contributor Applications +

It's another pointless update~ ♥ Though the last one wasn't as pointless as this one. I'm just proud that the group as now of now has a hundred and thirty members! I-I'm so happy! Yes. I get easily OJ-ed when it comes to things like this. ouo

Also, for those who actually read the journals, I'm putting up an application form for those who want to help the club out. I'm not actually having a hard time maintaining the group. In fact, I find handling the group by myself very... comfortable. But I think it's better if we had at least two contributors to help welcome the members and direct those who don't read the rules to the right folder. Also, with more people on board, events could be evaluated by not just one person's point of view.

To "run" as a Contributor, fill this up and send it via note with the title "Contributor Application":

Your Desired Nickname: [Since my "nickname" here is "Dear Pathetic Admin" or DPA, you get to decide one for yourself too! ouo]
Why do you think you're up for this position? [If you have a question for his question, go ahead and ask.]
How often are you online to check on messages? [DUH. Obvious question.]
Do you swear to listen and think about [and probably do] everything DPA would order kindly ask you to do? [C:]
Shizaya or Izuo?

As you all can see, the questions were really well thought of. [youcanallhitmewithabricknow] I'd like a serious application please. I don't mind you guys using the usual smilies [:) C: :D ^^] but expect that I would automatically remove you from the "candidacy" list [not the Members list OTL] when I see a plz account there. I swear. I'm serious about this. [fingerscrossed] But yeah. Please be serious when doing this. C:
I'm setting up a deadline for the application. You can apply until... March 5, 2010. All the notes by then will be read by moi so expect another pointless update by your dear Pathetic Admin on the 8th of March. Why are the deadlines and announcements on Weekdays? I don't know. I love weekdays.

I do have to tell you all though that if I don't see a nice application, I'm not getting anyone as a Contributor. So... Yeah. This is the end of the journal so good day to you all!

From your dear pathetic admin,
RooDropts~ ♥

1. The most obvious rule is you have to be a fan of this pairing.
2. Please. Do not use foul languages or anything that would hurt your co-members.
3. Respect other's artwork and opinion.
4. Be friends with everyone!
5. You can only submit 5 artworks per day. If you exceed the limit, none of them will be submitted.

How to Join
1. On the front page, there will be a sign on where you can see the words "Join this Group!" It's that simple. Click it and wait for the Admin's approval.
2. Watch the club for further updates and we'll watch you back.

How to Submit Artworks/Fanfics
1. Look for the folder with the right title for your artwork.
2. You see that little plus sign on the right side of that folder? You do? Good. Click it and select the artwork you'd like to submit.

Look at our affiliate list!
Affiliate List
SandiunHime Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Me.! Me.! I wanna be a contributor~ *goes to write a note*
kawaiiochibichan Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for your hard works, dear XD
RooDropts Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
Ah~ Thank you for the appreciation. ;w;
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Submitted on
February 24, 2010